Tor the Bear is a little teddy bear with a huge heart, who loves new adventures, carrots and singing.


He lives with his human in the Western part of Norway, close to fjords and mountains.


Tor the Bear has his own series of children's books, for children aged 2-6, and for teddy bear lovers of all other ages.


In the books you will find lovely photos, a song and a story of around 1000 words.


In the stories he bakes, grows vegetables, fishes, travels, plays, celebrates Christmas, goes skiing and hangs out with friends.


He is allowed to try new things and to make his own mistakes. Always with loving guidance from his human, who offers creative answers and explanations to life and living.


Hope that you will enjoy these books, too.

Lin-Marita Sandvik is the creator of Tor the Bear and the books and music in the "Tor the Bear"-series.

She is a teacher and mother of two, living in the Western part of Norway.


She has enjoyed and nurtured actives like reading, writing, music and visual arts from an early age. She hopes that the books about Tor the Bear, and his songs found on Youtube, will entertain and inspire readers of all ages.


Wonder why I made this series, and how?


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