Book presentation in Nordfjordeid, Norway. November 2017.


In this story Tor the Bear finds a viking treasure at Stårheim (nearby Nordfjordeid). This is where I grew up, and where there once lived vikings - and even a queen.


They roamed the fjords in well-designed longships.


A replica of Norway's biggest viking ship is built in Nordfjordeid these days.


Photo: Siri Kolseth.



Do you have dreams? I am sure you do, like me.

Have you forgotten some of the dreams you used to have? Probably, like I had.


Then one day my father died. Of cancer.


As I observed how he had to leave all his plans and dreams for the future behind, I contemplated my own.

Didn´t I use to dream of writing books? And how come I never finished one?


I knew the answer. Years of studying, teaching and focusing on playing it safe rather than trusting that the creative interests of mine could make an income.


As Tor the man left us, I also contemplated how his spirit, courage, love of life, and the habit of creating songs spontaneously left with him.


That's when the idea of Tor the Bear was born. An idea of passing on traits from a human Tor to a fluffy teddy bear, and at the same time reviving a dream of mine.


This revival led to the following question: "How far can you get when you aim to produce and distribute children's book about a teddy bear?"


I embarked upon my journey equipped with knitting needled and knitting yarn, a camera, a writing device, thousands of ideas - and even more questions.




I read a lot about self publishing and how books can be printed through "print on demand", where the book is printed when ordered.


Then I read a lot of children's books. Books I used to read as a little girl, books I used to read to my children, and newly published books.


Then my knitting needles and I gave life to Tor the Bear, stitch by stitch, and after some weeks we were ready to start our journey together. It started at my kitchen, baking what turned out to be a blue and not at all tasty cake.


Self publishing books, like I do, is quite fun. Everything you see, read and hear in this project is probably made by me.


The teddybear. His clothes. The photographs, stories, songs, layout, book covers, music videos (including playback and singing), and even some of the props used in the photographs.

Except from the bird´s nests in the "daycation"- book, which were constructed by birds whose identities are unknown to me.


Hopefully, these birds would be proud to know that their DIY creations now contribute to entertain both young and older readers of the mentioned book.


My dream used to be about writing a book.


Now I dream about the books finding a place in children's hearts all over the world. Because I believe that growing a carrot, helping someone in need, being allowed to bake a cake without a recipe, playing together with friends instead of just technology, and to sing songs are vital parts of childhood.


And this is mostly what my books are about.

Hope that you'll enjoy them.


























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