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Tor the Bear Celebrates Christmas

Experience Norwegian Christmas celebration and traditions

Bonus: "The Teddy Bears´New Year Song"

Tor the Bear Makes a Carrot

See the making of the delicious carrot on the photo.

Bonus: "The Carrot Song"


Tor the Bear Rescues a Friend

Find out how a fishing trip lead to a rescue operation and a new friend.

Bonus: "Climbing down - song"

Tor the Bear Takes a Daycation

One summer morning Tor the Bear and the human decide to do all that is

mentioned in «The Holiday Rap». This rap is about everything teddy bears

like to do when they have a holiday: Go for a trip, enjoy the countryde or a city, 

go fishing, eat ice cream and lots of other stuff. 

They live close to both mountains, the ocean and a city. 

They also have a car, a fishing rod and a life jacket.

But is it possible to do a whole vacation in one day?

Bonus: "The Holiday Rap"

Tor the Bear Finds

the Viking Treasure

Coming soon - currently being translated

Tor the Bear Goes Lizard Hunting

Coming soon - currently being translated

Tor the Bear Becomes an Expert Baker

Find out if baking can help be helpful against boredom, and get useful (?) baking tips.

Bonus: "The Tasting - song"